NYC Film Premiere – A Message from Brendan Berry, Original Score

Hello friends, colleagues, and family,

America's youth are under tremendous threat from the scourge of addiction. Research has shown that 9/10 cases of addiction begin during adolescent years. Often misunderstood by the public and misrepresented in media coverage, filmmakers Greg Williams and Jeff Reilly have spent the last several years documenting the overlooked side of this disease: recovery. In 2013, I had the pleasure of scoring Greg and Jeff's first feature length documentary, THE ANONYMOUS PEOPLE (on Netflix),which helped demystify the story of the more than 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. This film has inspired many and helped spark a recovery revolution, headed by Facing Addiction, co-founded by Greg Williams.

This film has inspired me personally to open up about my own recovery, which began at the age of 21, and share my story to help others, specifically in my daily work as a music therapist in the adult inpatient psysch ward at  Kings County Hospital. In November, I was recognized for my work in the field by the Caron Foundation, when I received their award for Educational Excellence. 

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of writing the original score for Greg and Jeff's second feature length documentary, GENERATION FOUND, set to premiere in New York City on December 14, 2016. This film tells the story of a community in Houston, TX that has united in an effort to successfully address addiction in America's youths. GENERATION FOUND takes an unprecedented and intimate look at how a system of treatment centers, sober high schools, alternative peer groups, and collegiate recovery programs can exist in concert to intervene early and provide a real and tested long-term alternative to the "War on Drugs," and ignite a youth addiction recovery revolution in their hometown.

There will also be a live performance from Matt Butler, writer and performer of the original credit song, "Just One."

Please come out to see this amazing film if you are in the NYC area. Those not in the NYC area can request a screening in your community here.

The event will include a panel discussion following the film featuring:

·         Greg Williams, co-founder of Facing Addiction, co-creator of The Anonymous People and Generation Found

·         Sasha McLean, Executive Director of Archway Academy 

·         Emilio Parker, Recovery Coach

·         Courtney Lovell, Former Director of Recovery Education and Training, Friends of Recovery New York

·         Moderated by Joe Shrank


BUY TICKETS HERE: NYC Premier of Generation Found

Brendan Berry's professional career in music began as a performer, playing at a young age with the distinguished District of Columbia, Blue’s Alley Youth Jazz Orchestra. He went on to receive his Bachelor of Music from the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music in Studio Composition. Early in his collegiate career he began writing film scores for short documentaries. Brendan has scored award winning films, and his work has been heard across the world on numerous stages, in thousands of theaters, on television, and the radio. Brendan prides himself on his ability to not only create any genre or style of music and sound design, but his ability to subtly capture and enhance the emotions of the medium that his work is being written for. Brendan received in Masters in Music Therapy in 2014, and works as a full time music therapist while continuing to score feature length films and write for television.