6 Ways to Ignite a Youth Recovery Revolution in Your Hometown

Devastated by an epidemic of addiction, America is faced with the reality of burying and locking our young people at an alarming rate. In response to this crisis, the creators and supporters of Generation Found film, a story about one community coming together to ignite a youth addiction recovery revolution in their hometown, have created 6 tips on how you can kick start a youth recovery revolution in your community as real and tested long-term alternative to the "War on Drugs."

6 Ways to Ignite a #YouthRecoveryRevolution: 


Tip #1 by Shannon Egan, Marketing and Communications Director for Generation Found Film: share your story with your community members. Be bold. Be brave!. Shannon says, "I have 5 years in recovery and today I know my past doesn't make me any less worthy of love, compassion and support. By sharing my flaws, I can inspire others to embrace their own."


Tip #2 by Mario Diurno, National Outreach Director for Generation Found and individual in long-term recovery: host a screening of Generation Found and use the film to start a dialogue on addiction and recovery issues. Then, invite everyone you know! Mario says, "We want to use Generation Found as a tool to help communities face addiction head on – and the only way we can do that is by creating an opportunity and safe place to talk about it."


Tip #3 by Greg Williams, co-creator of Generation Found and individual in long-term recovery:  learn more about the youth recovery resources in your area. Join an Alternative Peer Group, Young People in Recovery Group, or Collegiate Recovery Program, and bring your friends!  Greg says, "My passion for telling youth recovery stories like Generation Found stems from my own experience of feeling like an outsider in many places after entering recovery at 17."


Tip #4 by Brendan Berry, creator of the Original Score for Generation Found and individual in long-term recovery: share your hope across the globe and organize and show the power of recovery community! Let every single person who suffers know they are not alone.  Brendan says, "I once believed that I wouldn't live through my 20s. At 21, hundreds of recoverying young people shared the gift of recovery with me, Today, in my 30's, it's my duty to share my hope with the hopeless." 



Tip #5 by Sasha Mclean, Executive Director of Archways, featured subject of Generation Found film, and woman in long-term recovery: believe that your voice and story can create meaninful change and share 20 seconds about your recovery to anyone who will listen. Sasha says, "I'm very clear that all the pain I've been through was for a greater purpose. I'm thankful evey day for those people in recovery that were flickers of light in my dark world. Go be a light!" 


Tip #6 by Matt Butler, songwriter and singer of Generation Found's original song, Just One, and individual in long-term recovery: build a strong foundation for your own recovery.  Participate actively within your community, and find others to help!  Matt says, " I deeply admire teens that have the courage and the wisdom to start on the path of recovery, and now we've got a whole new generation of young people committed to being the change we want to see in the world around us." 



GENERATION FOUND is a great way to catalyze a dialogue on youth addiction and recovery issues in your community. Independently filmed over the course of two years, GENERATION FOUND takes an unprecedented and intimate look at how a system of treatment centers, sober high schools, alternative peer groups, and collegiate recovery programs can exist in concert to intervene early and provide a real and tested long-term alternative to the “War on Drugs.” It is not only a deeply personal story, but one with real-world utility for communities struggling with addiction worldwide.  Host a community or theater screening or purchase a copy here